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The Wacky World of Bathrooms

May 25, 2007 by rrodrigo · 1 Comment · C&W, Travel

About five years ago, a couple of my friends/colleagues and realized that we all liked to keep track of funky bathrooms. Since then, when we find a funky bathroom we generally try to bring it to one another’s attention. This past week when I was in Detroit at Computers & Writing I was with one of my “funky bathroom” friends. Without knowing that the Cass Cafe was one of the places highly suggested by a colleague who went to school in Detroit, we ended up there late Wednesday night (it was one of the few places still serving food!). We had great food, nice classes of wine, and a wonderful laugh over the bathroom.

The other stall had a loop and hook setup that looked like it could hold together a truck and trailor hitching. For more pics from the Cass Cafe, and one of its “tame” pieces of art, check out my flickr site.

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