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I firmly believe that some of my best ideas come from the fact that I do too much at once, multitask, etc., and “wires-cross.” In the act of crossing something funky emerges. So now that I’m starting to think/plan for wedding stuff, of course the geek has taken charge. So, last week I learned about BaseCamp’s project management tool ( and decided I would test run it with the wedding as the project. Today as I signed up for and got reading the RSS feeds Alisa suggested (fyi…;;;; I’ve already latched on to two things.

First, a google maps mash-up for wedding activities…how cool is that? ( Since the wedding will be in Vegas, and technically it is a double wedding (separate days, separate locations, overlap of family) there will be lots of location stuff to worry about. Hey…if this makes it easy to share with everyone, and to map for my own sanity…rock on!

Second, since we’ll be out of town, and some individuals need to bring children, I was starting to wonder about childcare. Yeah…hopefully you read my mind with “who the hey is going to trust their children to someone they do not know from Vegas?!?! So to find an online babysitter database ( is another definite rock on! That means I can start searching for people now!

I think this geeky element to the wedding will be fun. The other couple met online; they’ve already sworn it will be a very internet heavy based affair! So…these cool tools should help, right?

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