Five Things?

Well thanks Alan (…I guess I’ve been “tagged” with the five things meme ( So, what are five unknown things about me:

1. I once won best jr. handler at a St. Bernard national specialty. So yes, I guess if I really wanted to I could have become a dog show handler (think Best in Show, yes, I know most of the people who those characters are based upon). But in reality, my step-siblings were always much better at it.

2. I coached high school volleyball (freshmen level) and swimming for three years. My last year as the swim coach, the year I was head coach, I took four girls to state championship. That was exciting!

3. When I was a plebe at the military academy I swam on the companies intramural swim team. During the meets I always swam in the I.M. (all four strokes), against a bunch of guys. One memory I still giggle over is of a firstie (senior) coming out of the water and saying “I can’t believe I was beat by a plebe girl.” Gotta have a little girly fun in the nation’s biggest frat-house!

4. I’ve always had nightmares from Poltergeist ( because I had a big tree covered in glow-in-the-dark lichen outside my window. What makes it worse is that now I’m intellectually interested in, read & write about, horror films; however, I still get nightmares from them. The most current nightmare inducing movie was Silent Hill ( I really want to watch six chicks with picks, The Descent (; however, since Stephen King picked it as one of his top 10 films this year (,,1569937,00.html) I’m a little worried.

5. This semester I have two, yes two, former students teaching at the college where I teach. I’m not that old yet, damn it!

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