Cyborg at the shoe shine

I wish I had taken a picture; however, I’m not sure I could/can. (Another to-do, what are the ramifications of taking pictures of people, posting them to flickr, and then blogging about them?). Anyhow, so I had just come through security at the airport and looked up at a white man in a suite getting his shoes shined by a Hispanic man. The business man was in one of those elevated shoe shine booth things and had…

  • A laptop in his lap,
  • (Bluetooth?) earpiece in his ear, and
  • Palm or Blackberry in his hand.

I think what struck me the most about this image was the visualization, or the embodiment, of what we already “know” to be true about the overlapping class, race, and digital divides. That moment was evidence of what I feel in my community college classes all the time.

Back to picture issue…I almost went back and took his picture; however, the embodiment of his class stopped me. I did think, what if he found it and sued me? But, I’ve been taking pictures of people at the workshops I’ve been doing without getting their explicit permission. Humm…definitely need to look into this issue.

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