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Well, I’ve had my Sandbox series this year. It didn’t end so hot this spring semester. Between my changing calendar and the CTLs new workshop scheduling system…we didn’t see much happening. However, I think the CTL and I got the word out to a number of faculty and staff about some cool tools. In the next month or so I’ll be posting an evaluative reflection thingy in the CTL’s wiki. While chatting with Biray today about our “new” technology FPLC next year I had the epiphany that I would do the sandbox in a different way, at least for the rest of the semester, maybe all of next year. Our CTL holds Cuppa, a community building event, each Friday morning. Lately I’ve found myself doing my “check and play with new technologies” on Friday mornings. So why don’t I bring mini-me down to the CTL and check and play with new technologies there?

I’m also thinking I’ll start posting brief little blog entries about the various new technologies I find (thus the new category). For a long time I didn’t do that because there are people already doing great job posting small blog entries at the websites I read (MakeUseOf, LifeHacker, WebAware, etc.). But, they are not necessarily thinking about how/why these technologies might be useful in higher education, specifically teaching and learning. So, as I start playing with new technologies I’m going to post my own version of these brief “check out this tech” blogs. While I will probably start by pointing to their various entries, I will also try to project about how/why I think this technology might be useful in tri-part duties of a faculty member in higher education: teaching, research, and service.

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