Sandbox: Adaptive Blue (& Greasemonkey)

Now that I’ve understood what Greasemonkey does for about two weeks, I’m still trying to find scripts and play with it. This Adaptive Blue seems like another page adapter.

Greasemonkey is one of the many wonderful Firefox addons. Once you load Greasemonkey on your browser you get a little monkey face in the lower right hand corner of the browser page. Once Greasemonkey is loaded, you can go load a bunch of java userscripts. The java scripts start adapting webpages. So far I’ve been heavily adapting my gmail interface. Of course there is a script to take out advertisements, but I also import my calendar, move the user window around, etc. However there are two things I know of (and actually Brian Ballentine at Computer Connections, at CCCCs this year) already mentioned it:

  1. take advertisments out of Blogger (if you are using that as a blogging tool)–self explantory as being useful
  2. have the WorldCAT lookup link show at an Amazon page. When you look up a book at Amazon and link on the particular page for the book, the little WorldCAT (world catalog) icon will show up on the page. You can then click on that link and the WorldCAT will show you what local libraries have that book in their holdings. How cool is that while teaching a research course?

There is one WebCT script, and two for BlackBoard. I can imagine asking tech people on my campus to write a script or two…if I knew what I wanted/needed.
Adaptive Blue
(found link from:
I’m not quite sure how Adaptive Blue adapts yet. I’ll continue to play with it over the next week or two and blog again. The nice thing about this tool is that I can just right click on every page and see how/what/why it is going to adapt. I’m happy that it is giving options too bookmark. But it also give options to Bluemark and Bluelink. Humm…

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