Sandbox: Pedagogical Images

One of the things that first wowed me about Flickr was the ability to annotated picture. For example, I annotated this picture (below). Now, linking to it from the blog does not carry the annotations. You have to go to the actual flickr page to see and read the annotations.

2view is another tool that allows you to annotated pictures…besides those in flickr. I’ve used 2view to annotated this same picture. I think that 2view allows you to somehow incorporate the script for the annotations into your own posting of the picture (like in this blog); however, I didn’t quite figure it out. If someone else does, please reply below! 🙂

Now, this type of graphic annotating would be lovely if I was teaching anatomy; however, I can image using it on still images from a film to talk about a specific frame. Obviously, however, there are still copyright issues. Ideally these types of tools work best with images that you have copyright control over. Ahh…if I were teaching photography a tool like this could be used for a student to reflect on choices he or she made in the picture’s composition. Or it could be used by an instructor, or classmates, to give feedback on the same picture.

As I continue to agree with my rhetoric and composition colleagues who argue we need to be teaching multi-modal composition, finding tools like 2view and Slidez, an online slide show tool, gives me ideas on how to teach, assign, and provide critical feedback for multi-modal compositions.

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