More Tweets about Twitter

Ok, so I’m liking Twitter. I would really like it if my both my roommate and my partner in scholarly crime (I’ll get pictures later) would do it—we would then be updated with who is doing what, where! However, I’m liking that it functions as a tracking mechanism…if I do it regularly during the day I have a chart of what I did (so I can then blog and reflect later). I also liked the idea from the Lifehack blog about using it as a to-do reminder. I have already used it once for a blog topic reminder (see cybrog at the shoe shine) and I’m sure I’ll start with to-dos once the conference gets kickin tomorrow.

If you are interested…

  1. here is my twitter page (you see the most recent on the front page of my blog):
  2. get started and make me a friend, this webware blog entry can help!

And…to follow up on my last blog entry, yes…I am thinking about how/why this would help facilitate teaching and learning. I’m hoping to post some ideas by the end of the conference.

Day 1–travel

At first I was…eeek, I still need to get ready and I’ll have to get up super early to get stuff done. And then I smile…getting up early just gets me used to EST quicker in my trip. I have to get up early W-Sat…so might as well get on their time table now. Despite all my good intentions, I did not get as much grading done as I would have wished. I’m sure the fact yesterday was my b-day (and we celebrated) didn’t help. I warned all my students I’m gone, and I’ll get caught up when I get back. 🙂

Well…let’s see how all this multi-modal tracking works!

Gearing up for CCCCs

I’ll be heading off to this year’s 4Cs (Conference on College Composition and Communication) conference in NYC next Tuesday. Instead of taking a pile of work that I should, but never do, get done during the conference, I’m going to focus on the conference (what a concept). Part of this focus comes from the desire to produce multi-modal reports out on what I’m doing/learning/thinking as I go. To help with this I will do the following:

  1. Get caught up with grading as best I can, then tell students not to expect much from me until after CCCCs.
  2. Actually prepare my presentation in advance so I don’t have to fiddle with it while there.
  3. Bring my laptop, camera (takes both photos and video), iPod w/recorder, and cell phone to all events at the conference.
  4. Do quick time reporting via twitter.
  5. Do more thorough reporting/reflecting via blog.


I told the organizers of the CCCCs Interactive Review (see the 2006 postings) that I would like to participate. I’m still waiting for instructions; however, I’m hoping my blog entries will work for these.


I’ll be honest, I’m excited about the Twitter thing. It was “all the rage” at SXSW this past week, check out: