Spring 2007

Well…it’s time to get back into the swing of the school year. One of my resolutions is to blog more regularly. On some level, I really need to use it as a reflective area for all the craziness I am doing. So, some of the stuff you will get rants, raves, and other reflections upon this spring:

  1. online readings about teaching and technology
  2. my Ocotillo R&D research, primarily about using Web 2.0 tools in teaching: this semester I’m playing with:
    1. MySpace as a course management system
    2. YouTube (it’s got some great videos of older films by women directors that are buried in university libraries, and of course, there are videos about shoes…(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYnn51C3X_w rated R for language and shoe fetishism!)
    3. Personal portals
    4. podcasting
    5. Other usual suspects: social bookmarking, blogging
  3. my Sandbox Workshop series, related to the Ocotillo R&D stuff
  4. finishing the dissertation
  5. planning a wedding (YES…I got engaged over the holidays)
  6. trying to get a new website/blog/server space up and running
  7. working with some part-time faculty with their first times teaching online

You know…the regular list of entirely too much to do. Stay tuned…



I needed to read this article right now…obviously there are enough of “us” out there that needed it, especially at the end of the semester. Like this woman, I too have not finished nearly enough of what I hoped to during the summer “break.” Beyond the “I’m not alone” message, it is the “we need to take time to think and ‘incubate'” that I really liked. I just finished teaching 5 week eng102 (second semester, research focused FYC courses). I found myself writing “it would have been nice if you had the time of a sixteen week semester to further think, research, and revise while working on this project” more often than not. The students didn’t have the time to just let the material “sit” with them.

I too need to account for this…I think this is the reason that I’m switching my focus on how I write my dissertation. Instead of setting a goal for an “I’m finished” deadline, just set the daily goal of ### number of words a day. If I do that…the disseration will finish itself. I’m tired of the “guilt” of missing yet another deadline I set for myself. And I realize that working on it daily will also keep the back of my mind “sitting on” and “incubating” the material.

Of course as a writing instructor I should “know this” already and “know better;” but, I’m as guilty of “do as I say, not as I do” as anyone else.